Saturday, July 21, 2007

Released 600 print all over the world an Indian movie called SIVAJI

SIVAJI is the name of a movie, made in INDIA ,THAMILNADU STATE, IS released all over the world with 600 movie print(it is record)
Rajnikanth is THE hero in this movie and have done wonders for the movie.
Sivaji has witnessed bumper opening not just in Tamilnadu but also in neighboring Kerala, Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh. In abroad, it has matched the collections of several blockbuster Hindi movies in the recent past. It is also for the first time that a Tamil film is being released in more than five multiplexes in Mumbai.
In countries like USA, Middle East, Canada and Australia, Sivaji has been topping the charts. Breaking into the top ten in UK's Box Office list is one more feather in Sivaji's cap
the first show was started early morning 5 o clock- this is the first time in indian movie history

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